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Don't Panic!

Nothing causes panic to an Android developer more than the fear that they accidently deleted the keystore file used to sign their applications when there's no backup of it. Now there is a backup and there is an updated version of the TWiT app.

The update should improve some of the delay of loading new Activities (views) and removes the rather pointless view of of the Player moving the Play and Stop controls to the action bar. There will still be some delay loading the Chat and Calendar views as they have to pull webcontent down to the Android Device.

Sep052010 Video support

Finally got some success in stripping the FLV (Flash video) container from the h.264 stream in order to translate it into something that the Android media player can understand. Turns out the difficulties I was encountering appear to have been due to buffer under runs. The FLV striping code was running out of video/audio packets to pull from the Flash video stream.  The resulting file wasn't playable by VLC so I don't think the Android media player will have better luck. So what I have to do now is write the video stream out into something that the Android media player can understand.

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