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TWIT Version 0.8 Released

Just released version 0.8 of the TWIT app to the Android Marketplace. The same version is also awaiting approval on Amazon's AppStore. This version has fixes for the issues that were causing the chat and calendar views to reload (logging you out of chat) when the devices orientation was changed. 

I'm still trying to locate the bug causing the stream to stop after 10-15 minutes on froyo. I have some reports that it's only on froyo but I need more information. It would be ideal if there were online documentation of MediaPlayer's error codes. If anybody knows what causes MediaPlayer to OnError(1,-11) please let me know.


v0.75 Released

Just published v0.75, some notable changes are that the playback of the stream will now mute while a phone call is active. The dashboard now has much larger buttons which I added based on feedback from users. A bug that existed in v0.7 that would cause the app to crash when it had an error playing the stream has been corrected, the app will not push a notification to alert the user of the error.  If you already have an IRC client that listens for irc:// intents it should be opened automatically instead of using the web client that will be used as a fallback. I don't know of any IRC clients for Android that listen for irc:// but if you find one let me know. 


Don't Panic!

Nothing causes panic to an Android developer more than the fear that they accidently deleted the keystore file used to sign their applications when there's no backup of it. Now there is a backup and there is an updated version of the TWiT app.

The update should improve some of the delay of loading new Activities (views) and removes the rather pointless view of of the Player moving the Play and Stop controls to the action bar. There will still be some delay loading the Chat and Calendar views as they have to pull webcontent down to the Android Device.


TWiT v0.65 Released

Just uploaded an updated version to correct the NullPointerException that had caused the previously discussed crash report.

Work on "Plan A" to allow playback of the video stream continues but is not at a testable stage yet. Hopefully the weekend will allow the start of some testing of video playback.


TWiT v0.6 Released

After a couple of weeks of part time development I released the TWiT app as it currently exists on Aug 30th. It's able to stream the audio feed as a service, participate in the IRC chat and display the show calendar with the appropriate timezone of the phone. The app can not currently play the video stream but I have some ideas on how to proceed with that, I hope that I don't have to port FFmpeg w/ x264 to do it as that would force me to release TWiT under the GPL.