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iOS TWIS app update

The appeal of the rejection of the TWIS app was upheld. I don't think the app reviewers understand the concept of the content discovery app. When I was talking with Steve (not Steve Jobs, but a Developer Relations Rep) about it he never referred to links to iTunes and the iBookstore as being a problem, only the Amazon links. He didn't understand why anybody would ant a link from a book list to the iBookstore when they could open iBooks and search for the book they wanted. I was stunned by that part of the discussion.

So I have modified the TWIS app and resubmitted it.

I had heard that the review process for app updates was prioritized over that of new apps but this was a little ridiculous:
July 15th: app submitted to Apple for review.
July 21st: app enters "in review" state
July 22nd: app rejected
July 22nd: app rejection being appealed
July 26th: appeal being reviewed
August 2nd: appeal rejected - spoke with the non-Jobs Steve
August 3rd 8:22am: app update submitted to Apple
August 3rd 8:23am: app enters "in review" state.

-- Updated August 3rd 2:30pm

August 3rd 2:03pm: app enters "processing for app store" state
August 3rd 2:17pm: app is Ready for Sale


You can find the TWIS app in the App Store



TWIS iOS Application, Update

On Friday Apple informed me that they had rejected the TWIS iOS app on the following grounds:

11.13 Apps that link to external mechanisms for purchases or subscriptions to be used in the app, such as a “buy" button that goes to a web site to purchase a digital book, will be rejected.


I have appealed this decision as this provision is intended for in app purchases but the TWIS app does not do any in app purchases it has links to Amazon, iTunes and iBookstore so that the user can easily find the books that are read in the TWIS Book Club.


TWIS iOS application

The TWIS iOS application that I've been working on was submitted to Apple for review yesterday. I'm expecting it to be reviewed in 7-10 days. Hopefully it'll get approved on the first try and will be in the Appstore soon. Apple has yet to complete the processing of my GST info - Canadian sales won't be able to be processed until Apple has processed that info.

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