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Wednesday, August 3, 2011 at 11:02AM
Jeremy Faulkner in Apple, Apple, TWIS, TWIS, iOS

The appeal of the rejection of the TWIS app was upheld. I don't think the app reviewers understand the concept of the content discovery app. When I was talking with Steve (not Steve Jobs, but a Developer Relations Rep) about it he never referred to links to iTunes and the iBookstore as being a problem, only the Amazon links. He didn't understand why anybody would ant a link from a book list to the iBookstore when they could open iBooks and search for the book they wanted. I was stunned by that part of the discussion.

So I have modified the TWIS app and resubmitted it.

I had heard that the review process for app updates was prioritized over that of new apps but this was a little ridiculous:
July 15th: app submitted to Apple for review.
July 21st: app enters "in review" state
July 22nd: app rejected
July 22nd: app rejection being appealed
July 26th: appeal being reviewed
August 2nd: appeal rejected - spoke with the non-Jobs Steve
August 3rd 8:22am: app update submitted to Apple
August 3rd 8:23am: app enters "in review" state.

-- Updated August 3rd 2:30pm

August 3rd 2:03pm: app enters "processing for app store" state
August 3rd 2:17pm: app is Ready for Sale


You can find the TWIS app in the App Store


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